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Dear friends!

Welcome to the one and only web-site dedicated to displaying of biographies of our ancestors - victims who met a tragic fate by being executed or tortured to death in prisons of NKVD (People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs), and those very few badly maimed who managed to survive the Lenin-Stalin's concentration camps. This includes more 4,000 teachers, 3,000 catholic and orthodox priests and clergymen, 1,500 medical and veterinary specialists, more than 1,000 people of literary and scientific professions, and many thousands of other cultural, public and industry figures of Belarus.

In a short time, I am going to put on display on this site biographies of 20,000 repressed Belarusian people of intellectual professions, - a number that includes practically all of the intellectual elite in the republic during the bloody 1920th - 1930th years. As of today, there is data collected on more than 130,000 of repressed citizens of Belarus in total.

This memory of our ancestors is the very fundament on which we can establish future of Belarus, its Freedom and Independence. I wish you, my friends, happiness and good health, - but most of all, to live long enough to see freedom coming to our land, or better yet ... to fight for the free Belarus!

Leanid Marakou

Note that all the books below are available so far only in Belarusian, sometimes in Russian language.
The English titles are listed here only to help the English-speaking visitors of this site to get an idea about the scope of the writer's works.
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